Self-assessment tool

Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) will allow HORECA SMEs to do a quick first assessment of their current practices in terms of energy and resource efficiency, and sustainable business management.

There are five evaluation categories as Management, Materials, Water, Waste and Energy. The Tool will guide through each category and assess the operational performance and environmental impact of an SME. It will evaluate usage of specific appliances and application of managerial practices to identify if a business is green or if it at least takes few measures towards sustainable operational strategy.

After completion of each category, the Tool will provide a set of recommendations on each question and answer. The results are downloadable in PDF format and may serve as practical guidance to implement energy and resource efficiency measures that are curated to the current performance of the business. It will provide tips on cost efficiency by saving water, resources and energy. And also give examples of best green practices among HoReCa SMEs in Kyrgyzstan and around the world.

Note that only first category of Management is available for unregistered users. For complete assessment and recommendations, please register. Registered users may save the progress and continue the evaluation at their own pace.