Green financing

PERETO joinlty with financial partners have developed a special green loans within the framework of "green" financing. The products are aimed at developing the tourism sector and introducing energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies.

1. Eco-tourism green loan from Dos Credobank

2. Green tourism green loan from Kyrgyzstan Bank

3. Green loan from Bailyk finance

4. Leasing Company Kyrgyzstan (Izhara) has developed Ecoleasing.

Conditions of Ecoleasing

Purpose: purchase of energy and resource efficient technologies and equipment. Please see “Eligible list of technologies” table.
Lease amount
: USD 5 000 – 300 000; KGS 450 000 – 2 700 000
IRR for USD: 12.5%, including sale tax (Net IRR is 12.14%)
IRR for KGS: 23%, including sale tax (Net IRR is 22.35%)
Administration fee: 1% from the lease amount
Term for USD: 6 – 60 months
Term for KGS: 6 – 36 months
Customer’s advance payment: Minimum 30%.Advance payment level depends on type of equipment. Management Ijara Committee can increase advance payment in depends on its liquidity and specifics.
Guarantee: 1 guarantor
Customer: Legal entities, suppliers of equipment, and individuals
Insurance: Full coverage insurance

Eligible list of technologies:




Renewal of equipment, which is allow to decrease energy consumption in comparison with the existing equipment

Equipment for production, processing, trade, sewing equipment, etc


Heating and ventilation systems

  • Boilers
  • Solar station
  • Solar collector
  • Biogas plants
  • Ventilation system
  • Heat pump
  • Air conditioners
  • Drip irrigation
  • Treatment facilities
  • Energy efficiency and water saving kitchen equipment


Resource -saving equipment




Other equipment, which is related with the green technologies and allow to decrease negative impact on the environment, has resource saving characteristics.

Due to specifics of some above mentioned equipment, it is assumed, that Ijara Company can require larger advance payment from the customers or additional collateral, in case of low liquidity of purchased equipment.