Increasing number of people are becoming concerned over the problems of growing waste, air, soil and water pollution, deforestation and climate change. They increasingly want to help to address these problems and therefore creating a better understanding that their lifestyle and consumption habits matter is very important. Sustainable consumption is the use of material products, energy and immaterial services in such a way that their use minimizes impacts on the environment, so that human needs can be met not only in the present but also for future generations (Our common future. World Commission on Environment and Development).

Sustainable consumption is about choosing products and services that will not harm the environment, society and economy. In other words, you are contributing to sustainability through your daily choices and lifestyles. For example, opting for organic fruit and vegetables, buying eco-labelled clothing, and choosing greener products such as biodegradable cups and cutlery when dining out. You can also contribute to sustainability through opting for green energy sources and transportation, saving water and energy, and minimising waste.

The PERETO project engages with end consumers and other stakeholders to promote sustainable consumption and lifestyles in Kyrgyzstan. As the world’s natural resources are depleting, our project believes that sustainable lifestyles will only benefit our lives and societies.