Financing is an important element for any business at the initial establishment, as well as throughout the business-cycle. Various financing services are available for different requirements and stages, including development, leasing, working capital needs, refurbishment and insurance. These services are made available through financial institutions such as banks, mortgage and leasing companies or investment funds.

There is a growing trend in the financial world to incorporate environmental and social performance into the decision-making process. Such interest in environmental and social performances of the businesses is due to future risks and liabilities that financial institutions will be exposed to. Investors are becoming more interested to invest into green businesses that are environmentally friendly and will be successful in the long-run.

This shift of interest is likely to have a number of implications for the HoReCa sector on its siting, design, construction and operation. PERETO project aims to assist SMEs working in this sector to explore more environmentally friendly and sustainable business models, and to encourage and facilitate financial institutions on prioritising green financing instruments in Kyrgyzstan. These financing instruments including environmental performance-based lending, factoring of energy performance contracting, and green technology leasing, are being discussed at present with both business community as well as with financial institutions interested to support sustainable development and integration of ERE and SCP techniques in the HoReCa sector.